Day 15 10/11/2018

Blog written by Zara, Simone and Maureen Hi everyone, Today was our last full day in Kenya. I had a lovely start because Anya woke me up at  4am because she thought there was someone in our shower, turns out it was the rain. We went to the school where it was not raining and […]

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Day 14 9/11/2018

Blog written by Sarah O Jambo! Its our second to last day! Today we got a small lie in as we had a long hard day ahead. After we had a large breakfast (contains pancakes with lime and sugar for me) we headed down to the kididima school. We had so much to do with […]

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Day 13 8/11/2018

Blog written by Sarah D Jambo, Today began with construction, I was sacrificed to stand on the shaker ladder to paint splats. As well as that, it was the last day of summer school so we all joined in for the last few songs , and took some pictures. Then we came back to the […]

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Day 12 7/11/2018

Blog written by Rebecca So today we got back to work at school. I was on summer school for the last time. We made necklaces with the girls and flags with the boys and did a mini sports day with all of the children. The winners of each activity got a medal which were donated […]

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Day 11 6/11/2018

Blog written by Penny Jambo! So today has been great! We woke up pretty early this morning for an early morning game drive, it was good, we saw some zebras, elephants and lot of other things. We even saw the sun rise over a mountain, that was brilliant we have lots of photos. We later […]

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Day 10 5/11/2018

Blog written by Millie Hi everyone, We’re all having the most incredible time here in Kenya. The school is coming along well but there is just us to a few more things to complete. Can’t wait sit for the opening on Saturday. Today was the start of our 2 day safari holiday. We got picked […]

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Day 9 4/11/2018

Blog written by Katrin and Louise So, this morning we went to the church that Maureen worked on as a previous project. We first saw the school that was built during the first project as it was around the same area. The service and church itself is very different from those at home. First of […]

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Day 8 3/11/2018

Blog written by Georgina hi, everyone! The day began by me hugging an absolutely enormous water bottle to my chest, while being jolted by the minibus on the way to school. It was a good thing it was water not milk otherwise we would have had butter by the time we got there ( perhaps […]

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Day 7 2/11/2018

Blog written by Gabby and Beth Hi all, today the whole Smile 5 team went to a nature reserve in Bamburi called Haller Park. When we first arrived at 8am, we were first given a safety briefing before we split into two teams and we were given a schedule for the activities ahead. Some of […]

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Day 6 1/11/2018

Blog written by Erin Jambo! The morning started like usual by going to school. We have so far made a lot of progress with having nearly finished painted the ribbons around the school, we have now got a royal blue to be able to paint the blue in the Union Jack. In the afternoon we […]

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